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About to buy a Mazzer Super Jolly but questions.......

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  • About to buy a Mazzer Super Jolly but questions.......

    I am about to buy a Mazzer Super Jolly but have a few questions.

    The Model is a Super Jolly AUT, so from my research its the model that fills up the doser then shuts off, use the machine to dose and it grinds automatically until the doser is full, is this correct? if so how easy is it to just have it grind on demand? does it require mods to do this? i dont want the doser full all the time

    What would one of these be worth in used but working condition?

    Any help or pointers in the right direction is appreciated


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    You just have to turn the switch off when you have the amount of coffee you require in the doser.


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      Is it for home or work? I have a mini mazzer at home and I put only enough beans in the hopper for the double coffee I'm making then grind it all, doser, tamp and pull the shot.

      But if it's for work, as magnafunk said just turn off the on switch when u think u have ground enough


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        You can get one of theseCoffee Grinder Timer Controller :, Temperature control solutions for home and industry


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          An easier mod is to just pull out the long thing bit of metal that goes from the doser vanes to the top of the doser. This is the thing that activates the auto fill.

          If you want to get more technical you can remove the switch too, but it requires a bit of rewiring. Not hard, just google "mazzer auto doser remove" or something. I think the guide I used was for a major, but works the same.


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            Hi names do u have a Picture of the metal doser mod?


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              Here's a link to some instructions:
              Mazzer Kony - removing doser microswitch instructions - Grinders •

              And a photo of the little metal thing:
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                The super jolly is a great grinder. In my experience you probably will have no need for the automatic grinding feature as it is really only useful in a cafe environment. You'll find an E model more useful as you can just grind as much as you like with the touch of a button, direct into the filter basket.

                Another thing with these (and bigger grinders) is they can store a bit of coffee internally, so at the start of the day grind some out to make sure you know you're getting fresh coffee.


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                  Super jolly holds less than 5 grams at the most, so not much of an issue. If you complete the whole mod as in the link above, you can easily access and sweep out any held grounds.


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                    Thanks for all the replies, i have used the link above (and others) to completely remove the doser, disassemble, remove the vanes, reassemble and insert a metal funnel inside the doser so that the grinds go straight into the filter basket.

                    Thanks for all the replies!


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                      Got some pictures of ur handy work ajoesmith??