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Anyone know whats an A version of Mini "for Rocket" a variation of Mini-E???

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  • Anyone know whats an A version of Mini "for Rocket" a variation of Mini-E???

    It is Supposedly Branded as 'Rocket", a Mazzer for Rocket Espresso, Mini A Black Coffee Grinder 220 Vol.

    So, what's A type means? its this version an upgradable to use Super Jolly's burrs?
    or different. I have seen 'type A' Type B', I don't know what it means, one with bigger motor or a timer??
    can anyone enlighted?

    It seems very little information about this kind of 're-branded' Mazzer as Rocket...can anyone comment on this?
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    Type A & B has to do with where the electronic buttons for the dosing are- A in onto of the dosing chamber and B is underneath the dosing chamber. Motors and burr size all the same.
    Type A is silver machine. Type B in the black machine
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      funny that the Rocket re-branded is a Type A - and is Black?!

      anyways......are the Mini-e's a much better investment than their Mazzers' normal manual dossers

      yea im a newbie and getting a grinder and I AM finding it to be really teething experience! someone or two or several times here in this forum said this, indeed it certainly is


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        Not necessarily a much better investment, same grinder slightly larger burrs but it does have the electronic doser but there is also a $$ difference. The mini doser is still a great grinder. But in this price tag there are lots of options.
        Depends on do u want doser or doserless? For home use doserless seems to be the more popular. And mini e is one of the most popular to those who want a doserless- but Macap m4d is also a great unit. Cheaper but other good doserless options are Compak k3 push and touch.

        Just my thoughts and I have a mini mazzer (doser model) and I love it


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          I have been through the Compak and MD4. The Mini E is my end point. Best grinder I have owned...


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            I've tried to love 3 mini-e grinders now and sorry, but they're still undateable for me. The good mazzer electronics start with the super jolly-e. With a super short hopper, they're 30mm higher than a mini-e with standard hopper. I still reckon the M4D outperforms both of them though.


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              Hmmm... Not my opinion but I admit you know heaps more than me Chris . Cheers


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                Chris is the man who is in the know! But I still love my Mazzers.

                Out of interest Chris- what would resale on a mini e vs m4d??