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Mini Mazzer stopped mid grind

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  • Mini Mazzer stopped mid grind

    Hi all was just coarsely grinding some coffee for my cold press in my mini Mazzer I stopped mid beans to make a grind adjustment and switched it back on to nothing. Checked the PowerPoint all ok. It's not a timer model just on off switch and the little green light in on. If I listen real close I can hear a very faint hum.

    Any ideas in what's going on?? I can't see any reset switch?

    Thanks all

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    Ok guys just grabbed a socket and gave the nut in the middle of the burrs a slight twist it looks like some beans jammed the burrs. It's back purring away.

    Is this normal or just a freak chance? I would have thought that the Mazzer wouldn't have jammed that easy.


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      If you tightened the grind while stationary it could have jammed it and not had enough grunt to start turning. It's always good practice to adjust grind while grinding.



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        Pretty sure the Mini Mazzer booklet emphasizes that adjustment should always be made with the motor running, probably to avoid the problem you encountered.

        Yep, I have a MM, follow the instruction and have never had any difficulty.


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          ah yes thanks guys forgot that!! Think I'm getting old... Or maybe need more coffee... Or due to lack of sleep (we just had a baby a few days ago).


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            Congratulations, and yes, they can jam.