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Vintage PEDE Dienes Grinder

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  • Vintage PEDE Dienes Grinder

    Hi everybody!
    During cleaning my attic I found old PEDE Dienes grinder. It is working properly and it has a regulator. Does anybody have idea how old is this machine? Is it worth something?
    Regards and thanks for your answers

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    This looks like a very nice grinder. Unfortunately with the small/low res pictures you've provided it's impossible to make out any details on it. Links to the full resolution pictures would be nice to see.

    Java "Larger pics please!" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      If it's genuine and rare it might be worth something. Try this site and perhaps contact the site owner for help.


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        I've read a lot about PEDEs and they get rave reviews. Enjoy!


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          Here you got some bigger pictures. Thanks for clues and web address, I've noticed that my grinder is similar to the grinder from 1938 catalogue. I'm going to contact author of that grinders site.

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            My father bought a PEDE brass 'MOKKA' grinder in Munich in 1956 and I'm still using it ! Looks like a turkish grinder and is perfect for espresso, or adjust it easily for plunger.

            It's this one: Moulin à café

            It grinds consistently finely. My wife and I took it on our travels around OZ for 9 Months and used it every day with our Aeropress.

            Ive only every seen one other on eBay - if you ever see one, buy it!