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  • Mahlkonig K30 ES/01

    Hi all, tripped over said machine while at a second hand shop today. I have been keeping an eye out for a cheap second grinder. Its got a few scars, but seems to work ok. Engineering is very cool! Pulled it down and cleaned/lubricated etc. Looks like its done some work with over 78000 single shot and 158000 double on the shot counter. My rough calculations at 15 grams average works out to over 3400 kgs of beans. I assume this is probably nothing unusual for a commercial machine?
    I can't feel any play in the drive shaft, but the burrs and definitely dull, double basket (22 grams) is taking longer than the 10 sec max, and clumping, but still producing quite a good shot.
    The double shot timer adjuster is a bit dicky, but useable still with a bit of finger work. I would be grateful for any information or help with the machine, age, meaning of 01?. Google seems to tell me this machine has only been around since 2006?? Maybe 01 was the first series?
    I have just wasted 2 hrs googling, but didn't find any burr's listed in Au for sale Someone must have them? I will post a pic or two up when I can.
    It could have given birth to my Mazzer Mini!! Its a horse, but so quite!

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    Click image for larger version

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      Contact Global Coffee Solutions in Wollongong first up.

      Failing that contact Appliance Maintenance Company in Sydney.

      Could be wrong but from memory they used to sell at wholesale at around $3600.00 or thereabouts (and where "wholesale" is actually the end price because these are bought by businesses not retail).....or perhaps my recollection of that price is for the double grinder model....cant remember.

      Yeah the useage figures are nothing unusual for a cafe grinder and truth be known, regular type, simple, cafe grinders would probably outlast that because they dont have programmable electronics in them to go wrong over time, that will cost an arm and a leg to replace (not because the individual components may be expensive, but because if you want a replacement board you have to go through the accepted channels or you wont get one...).

      And oh lordy lordy.....look at the design of the grinding plates....looks pretty similar to all Italian made cafe grinders.... ! Go figure !

      Hope that helps.

      It is likely that the 01 refers to the single grinder model, as there was also a 2 grinder model, presumably with a serial number starting with 02...
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        Thanks TOK, AMC Sydney has them in stock, have ordered) Cheers! I did toy with the idea of trying to re sharpen the old burrs/blades with a small die grinder but its just too fiddly and tight tolerances. I expect with new burrs it will be a very useable machine for a long time


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          Appreciate the thankyou

          The way you describe nah....but it can be done if you have a milling machine at your own disposal.

          If you take them to someone else with a milling machine for a fee, you will pay more to reface them than to buy a new set, so depends on the relative value of the parts.

          I have paid in excess of $1400.00 for replacement plates for some of my equipment, and then milling does become cost effective, so horses for courses.

          Hope that helps.


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            Most coffee grinder Burrs are hardened so a milling machine is a waste of time for hardened steel, they need to be sharpened with a grinder.
            A surface grinder could be used to lightly grind the planar/flat section but at the same time it would also reduce the depth of fines grinding sections going out to the edge, which may then affect your grinding performance. By the time you had paid someone to set up a tool & cutter / universal grinder or cnc tool sharpening machine to recut those sections you are probably better off just paying for new ones.


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              Thank you for correcting my terminology, yes i did mean a "grinder".