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  • Mazzer Robur Conical Doser

    To my coffee bench I have added the Robur. Rather large for domestic use but after grinding in to use with my Strega I am convinced that for an outlay of $1050 this 2009 badged Mazzer to be the best investment made to date . The ease of grinding plus the added flavours in the cup is amazing and worthwhile.

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    I'm in the same boat (have a Compak K10). But I think most of the members here will think you're nut gone case. :P Or probably doubt that this is some way to justify your purchase.

    Yup, it's big, retention can be huge without management. But it's worth it when you're trying to push the envelope for your coffee standard. Definitely noticable upgrade for short black drinker (me). The added grind consistency is another pleasant thing to have.

    Have fun!


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      congrats on the robur and i tell you what, if i was able to fit one under the bench, i would have also grabbed one, but had to settle for the kony...poor me

      not mad at all


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        Nothing wrong with going that way (I run a Robur-e and a BNZ md74) At the cost of a coffee dose to purge the grinder and get great depth of flavour and grind consistency, who cares. Enjoy the new grinder as long as you are happy that's all that matters.



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          Originally posted by bcspark View Post
          ...Robur...outlay of $1050
          Bargain! I have a similar second hand one on the bench at work but it wasn't that "cheap".

          I'm sure you will get years (or lifetimes) of use out of it.