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  • Mazzer Major Mod. Help!

    Hi, just bought a Mazzer Major with doser, but I'm tired of getting old coffee stuck inside and I want to take the doser off. How ever, I dob't know how. Tried to get it off but there was cables behind the doser and I'm a bit unsure what it's for.

    Have some one here made this mod and can help me with some useful tips? (Pardon for bad gramatics) ;-) /The Swede

    Click image for larger version

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    Welcome to CS.

    The wires are possibly from the auto fill switch. You should seek advice from a qualified tech ( or have them do it) before disabling.


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      Thanks! I found a guide and I fixed it my self :-) It works! Thanks anyway.


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        Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1418514954.416611.jpg
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ID:	738274 trying it out ;-)

          It runs and it wirks perfectly.

          Now I have a friend who will make me some good looking metal parts for protection.

          To be continued.


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            Wow that looks both terrible and dangerous in one...Why not sell it and buy a deserless model?


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              Edit : Those cables are supposed to be secured, not dangling around like that. Hope this is purely for testing and you don't use it in that condition.


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                Sorry mate but it only "wirks perfectly" in the context of you apparently being happy to allow yourself (or worse someone else in the house) to be electrocuted.


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                  Hooley dooley. How to make a valuable and perfectly good grinder worthless #101. I must admit I'm puzzled as to why you'd "just buy" a grinder that didn't suit your requirements?
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                    Words escape me....

                    Please lock this away in a cupboard until such time as you have the front of the grinder properly enclosed, with all wiring securely protected behind. Way too dangerous to use like this...



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                      Hey folks, off course was it just for testing. The cables are to be secured properly. No need to be rude. ;-)
                      It's not finished yet. Work in progress.


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                        Those wires are for the upper doser cutout microswitch and another microswitch in the doser base that starts the grinder every 2 rotations of the doser star.

                        The other end of those wires terminate at a terminal strip (of the same type you have them hooked to there) mounted on the grinder baseplate. A safer permanent fix is to remove the baseplate by unscrewing the grinder feet and the clip that holds the spill tray to access the terminal strip, then removing the wires from the terminal strip and fitting a short jumper wire to connect the two terminals for the two wires you have hooked together there.


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                          Good to hear. Most people here are a little more paranoid when it involves modding and electricity. Not sure why. But if you know what you're doing and take enough safety measure, I'd say go ahead. Having modded a few grinders myself and seen/read a lot other people did so, I'd say that's a very basic (high school level?) mod. But of course safety first eg, unplug the grinder, duh, & make sure the conductive ends are secured and sealed. That's all. Worst case you lose a used grinder (ie, you connect the wire wrongly), but rarely so.

                          Also, Morgan is right on spot (that's what I did). Open the bottom plate and jumpered from there. You will remove the additional wire and nothing loose. Reversible too.


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                            Originally posted by samuellaw178 View Post
                            Most people here are a little more paranoid when it involves modding and electricity. Not sure why.
                            Wrong. Here's why........

                            How can anyone on the forum make assumptions about someone else's skill level, physical and mental ability, concerns over safety and insurance,

                            condition of item being modded or experience and confidence?

                            Everyone should be free to make up their own mind about how they go about modifying equipment, but to be humiliated ( = "it's high school stuff") and

                            bullied into doing something they aren't capable of..... and remember, we're all different, is wrong.

                            Although the OP may well be capable, I don't think there's a member on the forum who wants to see anyone come to harm

                            because they were encouraged by people they do not know and have never met.


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                              Yup, you're right about different skills for different people. But to assume everyone else is outright incapable is an insult too. I would rather someone warn me and tell me what it's about. Treating me like an complete idiot and say no, you can't do it. That just make anyone feels humiliated and it's a condescending attitude. Maybe because I'm still not a parent yet. =P

                              That's why you always see these threads with warning - it's always do not proceed if you're not sure and if you're not confident. "Bullying them into doing" is a strong negative statement and outright incorrect. I never recall any thread/post to this nature - hey you must do this xyz or else you're not one of us.

                              Also, there're low risk and high risk mods. ie : I wouldn't ever recommend someone fiddle with the safety measure on espresso machine or the coffee roaster. Informed and calculated risk (worst thing could happen within reasonable scenario) is the better way IMO.