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Modified Kony-e hopper

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  • Modified Kony-e hopper

    I modified my Kony. It's hopper was too tall for our kitchen and the hopper far too big for my 2 coffees a day. If filled the beans would take a year to use and be so stale. But the machine is so desirable and if all failed a replacement hopper is quite cheap. I removed the transparent top of the hopper leaving the black base with the electrical safety tab in place. (A heat gun is needed to soften the tabs and patience)
    A safe finger length of poly pipe was selected that could be made to fit into the black base that has the safety switch tab attached. It may have been plumbing pipe.
    Looks funny but soooo utterly functional.

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    Hi Dumiya. Good one. I made a similar mod to my Nino (see photos) using a length of borosilicate glass from a laboratory equipment supplier. The glass is good in that you can easily see when it's time to top up and you can also see when you're about to transition between bean types. I put a stainless steel tamper on top to maintain a constant pressure. This set up has greatly improved the consistency and as you say greatly reduces wastage through stale beans. Cheers
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