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Wega 5.8 instant - dosage issue

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  • Wega 5.8 instant - dosage issue

    I've just received my new grinder which is the replacement of the k3 I believe. It has proved to be a little frustrating to get the correct dosage, and the fine grinds often build up and get stuck. I shouldn't have to mod the unit to remove the plastic flap inside as some have suggested here. I'm not grinding too fine, in fact I'm only just over halfway on the larger setting.

    That's not my issue, however frustrating.

    The supposed 7g automatic dose barely gives my single shot portafilter basket enough to tamper. But if I press for a second dose it's like I get about 10g and it overflows the basket!

    Supposedly there is an adjustment underneath which allows me to increase or decrease the dosage. At least that's what it says in the manual. Underneath mine there is nothing to turn other than the housing screws.

    Then there's another mini dial at the front of the grinder which is not mentioned anywhere in the manual, I assume this is a micro adjustment on the size of the grind or is it a relocated dosage dial?

    I'm nearly ready to return this

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I have received my Wega Max 5.8 Instant two days ago and I have the same problem as you had in 2015. Could you get it sorted?
    The mini dial on the front of the machine below the portafilter support is a timer, apparently.

    I would like to hear from you - and from other owners of this machine.