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Which grinder for EM6910?

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  • Which grinder for EM6910?

    I finally got to fix my machine yesterday, yay! I've been playing around with it with some interesting results.

    When I bought it, I didn't know the grinder was on offer otherwise I would have got it too.

    I've got 2 burr grinders. A Breville BCG450 and a (eye rolling) DeLonghi KG100 and both have been suitable for my basic machines.

    I'm just after some opinions on which one to use and at what settings.

    I pulled some shots yesterday that were slightly coarser and the shots were ok but I noticed that the pucks were a bit wet.

    Using a finer grind I managed better shots but those pucks were soaked and the last 2 still had water on top of the puck.

    I'm not sure whether it's the grind or the tamp or a mix of both. I'm using the single double walled basket.

    Any advice/opinions/links to other threads appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Ta, PJ. 😊
    PS. as with a few other CS'rs, my funds are limited so I have to use available equipment. [emoji30] Nooooo!

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    Just a quick update.

    The KG100 is only really good for pressurised baskets, even on the lowest setting. I did some research on modding it but (a) it's not worth it as I could sell it with an older machine and (b) the mod instructions are actually not that clear when it gets to the bottom dial.

    The BGC450 is actually not bad grinder once you find the right setting. I could mod it quite easily but I've decided not to and to try and buy a newer grinder when I have the money.

    Ta, PJ.