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  • Grind Setup on M4D

    Hi All

    Purchased a new Macap M4D, and thought I'd be smart in setting my grind benchmark by using some supermarket beans, rather than using the drinkable stuff. All went well, used a heap of cheap beans, felt good with myself.

    Then put in the decent beans, and promptly chocked my machine. It took multiple full rotations of the micrometric adjuster to get the grind right again, and consumption of a lot of beans.

    Whilst I'm not crying over wasting decent beans to get the grind right, and also understanding that there's likely to be a marked difference between the freshness of the beans, does it seem normal that it would take a number of full rotations of the adjuster to cater for the difference in the beans?

    I honestly thought I'd require a few small adjustments after I put the decent beans in.

    Anyway, all good, I think I'm close now.

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    Originally posted by thad View Post
    Then put in the decent beans, and promptly chocked my machine.
    Life lesson #365 - that is why we avoid supermarket beans

    Once you start using consistently fresh beans - problem will virtually dry up!

    Nice purchase though - enjoy

    Cheers Matt


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      As beans get older, you will require an ever finer grind to obtain an optimum pour...

      Supermarket 'stale' beans compared to freshly roasted great beans - A mile of difference in every way...



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        Thanks. Don't get me wrong - I had no intention drinking the stuff, just thought it made sense to use them to setup the grinder.

        Guess it really proves the point about freshness.


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          Don't be embarrassed Thad - you did have just a little a sip - admit it! We've all been there … can this new miracle grinder really even make vacuum-packed super-beans taste good?!?

          I did exactly the same thing when I bought my Mazzer - and actually the beans I picked up at IGA didn't taste that bad!
          But I'm certainly glad I bought them - on the Robur 500g (or was it a kg?) went through pretty quick smart before I got into the zone that was good enough to drink!!
          Would have been a shame to waste good home roast like that

          Cheers Matt


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            Yeah, ok, I did. Was bloody 'orrible.

            Anyway, all good now, thanks!