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Mazzer Robur vs Rocky Rancilio!!! Titan Grinder Project

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  • Mazzer Robur vs Rocky Rancilio!!! Titan Grinder Project


    I have never gotten around to asking this question, but I am now looking to buy a new grinder. I don't know if the topic has been addressed on this forum before or not, but after reading this:Titan Grinder Project: Can it Beat the Mazzer Robur? - Page 5 I am astounded by the results of the Rocky Rancilio (dosed at around 14 grams) being compared to the Robur. It came out as one of the better grinders in the test. Has anyone actually tried this for themselves? I'm guessing that there won't be many, considering that the market for these two grinders appeal to opposite ends of the spectrum. Keeping in mind that they did state the importance of the 14 gram dose for the Rocky. Above that, it was rubbish, say like the normal 18 gram dose that I usually have on my current grinder.


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    You should have seen the mortar and pestle. Blew the Robur into the weeds.

    A lesson in don't believe everything you read on the internerd.