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Breville BCG800 - Not grinding beans

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  • Breville BCG800 - Not grinding beans

    Hi all, I'm guessing that its probably time for a replacement grinder based off other threads but just thought I'd ask before I splash out on a new grinder.

    Recently the BCG800 has started to choke when grinding - you can here it wind down and start to struggle and then it starts clicking with no coffee grinds coming out.

    I've taken the grinder apart - removed the burrs and the plastic rotor etc. Its full of coffee, which I've cleaned out and also cleaned the shute.

    The first time I did this it was ok for about a day and then it starting choking again.

    I'm using different beans at the moment (these beans are a lot fresher than the beans I normally used) and the issue seems worse with these beans.

    It did occur once prior to changing the beans, but now seems a lot worse.

    Anything else I can try or is time for a new one? Its 2yrs and 8 months old.

    Appreciate your help.

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    Hi Carlito.
    I owned a BCG820 for a few months, it seemed to have this issue with lightly roasted beans, it would carry on and then eventually stop grinding. Using dark roasts it was okay. I did some research and it seems as the units get older they also seem to do the same thing - the drive is slipping. I suggest you might be heading towards new grinder territory, I sold the Smart Grinder and went to a Macap M2M and haven't looked back.


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      Hi Carlito,
      please don't take this as being insulting, but you need to trouble shoot some basics before moving onward to more advanced stuff like replacing the burrs. In every electrical appliance manual the first thing they tell you to check is if the appliance is plugged in if it isn't working ;-).

      Is the burr assembly free of any debris which might be preventing the burrs from lining up properly?
      What part are you referring to when you say the plastic rotor? I'm thinking the upper burr carrier, if so is the upper burr carrier locked into the correct position after you replaced it?
      How fine are you trying to grind the coffee? If it's ultra fine you might have some difficulty.
      How big are these new beans? Some beans are heaps bigger than others and will struggle to get down between the burrs.
      Hope this helps,


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        I bought a BCG800 to minimise coffee all over the kitcchen bench, and to get a grinder so simple that even grandchildren could manage it. At first everything worked beautifully but then my grinder started to behave like carlitos.
        I did all checks and cleaning operations (except removing the lower burrs) and got it going properly - for one or two shots, after which it started choking again.
        (This is a replacement grinder I got under warranty after the 'original' became unable to grind chokeless shots.)
        I saw somewhere that this behaviour is due to the electronics giving up, which may or may not be a reasonable explanation. IF this is correct, then buying a BCG600 would be a solution. If the 'electronics' explanation is incorrrect, I should avoid both BCG820 and BCG600!
        If somebody can give me more info I would be grateful.


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          I don't know what causes the issue on the BCG800, but underneath the top/bottom burs there is a plastic cog that pushes the grinds out. In hind site, this has taken approx. 6 months (got used to how loud it gradually became) and has now stopped rotating properly to the point no more grinds come out.
          I've had mine for a couple of years and put Breville supplied shims underneath the bottom bur to get the grins fine enough, time for a new machine...
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            Mine spat it this morning, could have been a stone, dont know for sure, but it cant measure correctly now nor grind correctly.


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              If you can get past the. " must be new" paradigm , they you can get 10x the grinder for the same price !