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What's the best grind setting on Breville BCG800 Smart Grinder to use on Aeropress?

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  • What's the best grind setting on Breville BCG800 Smart Grinder to use on Aeropress?

    This is how I've been brewing my black coffee with Aeropress and Breville BCG800 Smart Grinder for the past 2 years:
    1. Grind 1 Aeropress Scoop worth of Coffee beans at Level 5 Percolator mode in Breville BCG800 Smart Grinder
    2. Pour the grinded coffee into the inverted Aeropress
    3. Boil to 93 degrees on BonaVita variable temperature Gooseneck kettle
    4. Pour the boiling water all the way to the top in the inverted Aeropress
    5. Brew for 2 minutes
    6. Put on the Able Disk Fine Filter
    7. Plunge

    I've been using the Dibella Nero Blend Coffee Beans because I've come to like the taste of dark roast because of their consistency.

    I'm pretty happy with the current taste of black coffee with the way I'm brewing right now, but I'm not sure if I'm brewing the best black coffee possible. So I've tried a different approach today by brewing for 1 minute with the finest grind setting, but when I did that, the coffee had too much body and it didn't taste nice.

    So I'm wondering, what grind setting on Breville BCG800 Smart Grinder do you guys use to make 1 cup of black coffee with Aeropress? And how long do you brew for?

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    G'day mate...

    I tend to go for a grind that is very near an espresso grind, using about 25g of beans for a double.

    Process is :-
    First put the kettle on (induction cooktop), then grind the beans and put into an inverted AeroPress after which time, the water has come up to the correct temperature (~90C). Pour in about a double's worth of hot water, stir around to ensure all the coffee is thoroughly wetted, attach the filter carrier (with Able Fine Disc inserted - thanks Andy), invert AeroPress to right-way-up in my cup and then apply gentle force to the plunger until it bottoms out. Add water/milk as preferred then drink...

    Makes for a beautiful rich brew that can be drunk several time a day....



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      I'm a little between Mal's approach and that of the OP. Once more using inverted method.

      20g of beans ground a touch more coarsely than espresso (7 or 8 clicks from zero on a Porlex Mini). 90-93 degree water. Wet the grinds, allow to bloom 10 seconds. Fill with more water, stir gently. I have the Aeropress set up such that the plunger is not far past the '2', so this is a relatively concentrated brew, that resists overextraction. Allow to sit for 55sec- 1 min, then press. Then I either a) drink as is, b) top up with a little hot water, or c) top up with a little warmed milk. Great which ever way.