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Mazzer Super Jolly doserless to doser

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  • Mazzer Super Jolly doserless to doser

    Hi guys, I bought a super jolly end of last year that was converted to a very simple doserless mod, basically just a funnel in the doser, with the bottom of the doser plate taken out. I'm wanting to put the doser back together because i enjoy the operation of a doser. I'm just having trouble finding a guide on the web to where the doser switch is meant to go back in with the rest of the wires. The only thing close of what I'm looking for is one for a Kony here Mazzer Kony - removing doser microswitch instructions -

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for achieving this before I touch anything. Cheers

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    There's no point to put the doser switch back in my opinion, unless it's for commercial purpose where you want to pregrind a whole lot of coffee before the crowd arrives? Just assemble the doser back mechanically should do the trick. The doser doesn't require the switch to function.


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      I agree, the doser switch for home operation would actually be more of a hassle since it will run the grinder again after a few clicks of the doser.

      I have a Major and I'm not sure how much similarity there are between the Super Jolly and the Major, but are you talking about the doser paddle switch or the switch at the top of the doser (I'm assuming the SJ has both too).

      If you're talking about the doser paddle switch, it would likely share the same wire terminals as the spring loaded "on/off" switch terminals (the "on/off" switch has three states - OFF/ON/START, you want to connect it to the "START" terminals)


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        If it's going to work without the doser switch then I guess I'll just pop it together and give it a burn, thanks for the help, I'll post back in a few days once I've done it


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          I finally got around to puting the doser back together and when I pull the paddle to sweep the coffee it feels like there's a bit of tension, compared to the super jolly they have at the gold coast exhibition Centre where I'm working today that sweeps soft and effortlessly. Would this be because mine needs a grease up or replace some of the springs?


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            i bought a second hand SJ with doser and it had a really stiff pull on the doser. I found this was for 2 reasons.
            First was there was an accumulation of grinds around all the doser. Far from the worst I've seen but it did
            I degreased most of the mechanisim that weren't going to see coffee with metho as i couldn't find my can of degreaser and used espresso machine cleaner to get rid of the coffee gunk on the actual doser. It is aluminium so it doesn't love being in it but a quick soak didn't show any visible signs of corrosion.

            Second is that over time the hole which the bottom side of the doser star sat in had become worn. Couldn't really do much about it but tried to see what was rubbing where. I made it concentric and straightened as best i could.
            With coffee in the doser this problem became negligible.

            I found lubricating the brass gear and circular plate/shim upon which the star sits sparingly on both sides was the best thing. I used food grade silicon from jaycar.
            Seriously sparingly on the plate though as you dont want it to attract grinds.
            That's a longer explanation then i had planned on writing but hope it helps.
            All the best with your project.


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              thanks for the reply mate, I guess I'll pull it apart again one day soon when I have time off and give it a good old lube, as I didn't have food safe grease.


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                As well as cleaning the whole mechanism (which really requires full disassembly) and sparingly lubricating, you have to get the adjustment just right - you need the central bolt tightened up just enough to provide some drag so the doser star doesn't rotate backwards when the doser lever returns to its rest position - too much makes the lever stiff.