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  • sunbeam em6910 and grinder

    so a while back i purchased a new sunbeam em6910 and grinder combo. i had a breville smart grinder so ive been using that and its since broken. so i've pulled out the sunbeam grinder and noticed immediately that the finest grind setting on the sunbeam is not nearly fine enough to get anything close to a good espresso on the em6910. was wondering if anyone else had this issue? it seems silly to sell a grinder in a combo that is unsuitable for the machine? if anyone has any tips or has experienced this as well id love to hear from you. cheers

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    There's plenty of info here and elsewhere about em0480's requiring 'shims' to adjust the grind settings (sometimes the smartgrinders do too). I think they can be requested from sunbeam at no cost.


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      Interesting that most posts regarding Sunbeam grinders are negative, I've had one for ages,despite the noise and ,perhaps, a bit messy ,I believe they are amazingly simple in design and operation with maintenance being fairly minimum, generally good machines.
      "Shimable"when necessary and off you go again,burrs seem to last ages too.
      You stated your breville smart grinder had died,any chance it's possibly available for postage costs to 3690?


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        havent really had an issue with the grinder as such just that it simply isnt fine enough, still working on the smart grinder will keep you in mind when i either fail or give up though. bought some shims off ebay so we'll see how that goes, looks like im drinking cold drip until then


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          I had the same issue with a 2nd hand em0480 I bought. So I bought 2 of the GENUINE shims (cause nothing else works), and I've now got an awesome grinder. I suppose it'd be messy-ish, but no worse than my Nemox Lux and I avoid that problem by using a home made 'coffee catcher' funnel. So grabs some shims and get into it. Note: because you bought your grinder new you should be able to get your shims directly from Sunbeam with your proof of purchase for no charge.