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switching beans every other shot

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  • switching beans every other shot

    I'm new here and just bought a Breville 920xl. I still have my old delonghi kg-89 that I modded to grind fine enough for espresso coffee.
    My question is:
    How do you guys deal with having to change beans for every other shot since I don't like the coffee my wife drinks and she doesn't like the one I drink. I find it a pain to have to empty the grinder everytime and having to shake it to remove the most of the ground beans stuck everywhere....

    So, what do you guys do if you have to switch beans?

    Thanks for your answers.


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    Use two grinders, get an HG-One, or waste x% of your beans/time doing what you're doing at the moment.

    Only options available, unfortunately.


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      OE Lido 2 grinder | Talk Coffee


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        "Single dose" weighed beans into your grinder.
        IE.. Do not fill the hopper with beans and rely on the timer, instead simply put the required amount of beans (by weight) into the grinder for each shot and grind them all through.


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          I always single dose - rather than weighing the beans I just dose by volume with a spare basket. Level by scraping the top off with a chopstick, tamp and off you go.

          Without the weight of beans on top itle take a bit longer and some claim the grind is less consistent. I've heard of people putting an old tamper (or heavy object) ontop of the beans to stop 'popcorning'


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            Thanks for the "single dose" advice! I will definitely look into that this week-end!