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I do love a good bargain

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  • I do love a good bargain

    I picked this Sunbeam EM0480 up on Trade Me (NZ online auction site). The seller stated it wasn't grinding fine enough and couldn't be bothered sorting it out even though it was working fine otherwise. This obviously put bidders off and I ended up paying just $17.50 for it. When I got it I cleaned it and tested it and true enough it wasn't grinding quite fine enough for espresso, but it was working really well and was in great nick. I checked out the EM0480 threads to work out how to adjust this grinder and ordered 2 shims off a seller on eBay Australia.
    In the meantime I tried some standard washers that had the right diameters but the wrong thickness. None of them worked, they all made the grind even more course. When the genuine ones arrived I popped both of them in and what do you know, they worked! There's now 4 shims in place cause there was already 2 factory fitted ones in there, but it seems to be working well. It took me a few days of experimenting and for everything to 'bed in' so to speak, but it is now working really well. I'd say it's at least as good as my Nemox Lux, possibly better as its a little quieter. It has the rubber sleeve over the spout, but it would still be a bit messy if I didn't use a funnel. No worse than my Nemox though. So for around $25 I couldn't be happier with my 'new' grinder.
    (Thought I had a photo on my phone but I don't. Will add one tomorrow).
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    You all know what they look like, but here's a pic of it anyway.

    Click image for larger version

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      May that be the last win you have for the next 25 hours.