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    Hi guys,

    Put an order in for a rocket r58 few months back, Had it for a little over a month and freaking LOVE it. Can actually make a coffee that doesn't taste like sand.

    Moving on, I purchased a Mini Mazzer electric mod a (CHROME) or what i thought was CHROME, seems that there was little confusion with the CHROME PART with the shop and the distributor. The short and the long of it is that it ended up being the silver and now it is in the store but i really don't think i want the silver.
    I have been told by a few shops so far ( been calling around ) that the CHROME model is on back order till august for Australia and i would be lucky to find one...

    Personally I really don't think the silver matches, I could have OCD and yes I realise that the CHROME is not that same sheen as the rocket SS polish but i think it would look better.

    Opinion Please?

    Considering a few options

    - Waiting for the stock to come into Australia 3 months (I have a borrow me grinder from the store for stuffing me around)
    - Sourcing one with some help by someone here
    - Changing my mind to a Quamarm80 Chrome

    Secondly would like some opinions on the Mazzer mini e electric Vs the Quamarm80 saga

    From what i see the price is almost identical.
    I only make 2-3 coffees per morning and evening unless i have guests.
    The are both programable, doser less.
    I want them to match! after performance obviously.

    Really appreciate your help,

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi joshman,

    Have a look at the Macap M4D. Chrome (not polished aluminium) and for mine, it outperforms the Mazzer in every way.




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      My cousin bought a Quamar M50 a few months ago for home and he loves it. Quamar in their current form are somewhat unproven, but in saying that most (if not all) Cafe2U vans in Australia now have Quamar grinders. As you can imagine they get well tested in that environment and by all accounts they are up to task.


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        If you end up going with a Quamar grinder, be sure to shop around as there seems to be a huge variation in pricing...



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          Thats a solid point! if they last in the cafe2U vans they are definitely going to last in my home. Yes would be definitely be shopping around, thank you.


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            For sure. Just spotted a typo in my post. I believe the model number is 'Q50', not 'M50'. Not sure about the bigger one though.


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              Been looking at a Super Jolly also, Almost decided on it.


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                But have you seen any of the others??
                Don't buy an SJ before seeing the M4D!!