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  • Breville BCG600

    Has any one used this grinder? Is it just like thw smart gri der without the led display panel? I cant fi.d much info onthe net about it. Its a nice price for $165 from myer. Will need to use it with my rancilio silvia thanks

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    There is some info on the breville USA site and you can download the manual from there. I haven't used it but given it has the same adjustability on the burr set so I would guess this is the same grinder as the bcg820, without the digital display.

    Looks like great value and should take a lot of sales from the sunbeam 0480.


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      I bought the Breville BCG600SIL from Goodguys a few weeks ago. I have a Rancillio Silvia V3.

      It solved my soupy pucks and improved my shots to 100% success - I occasionally got channelling due to too much tamper pressure. The guts of the grinder is like the Solis and Breville BCG820. I have the grind set at 5 and time to 6 seconds
      and only which there was a fine tune option on the time.

      Basically a great cheap doser grinder.


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        Saw one in the shop the other day. VERY lightweight and cheap, plasticy look and feel to it. Hence the lower price compared to the Smart Grinder.


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          Bought one from Myer last week when on special @ $149. Despite its exterior "plastic feel & look", it is a great little grinder without the bling factor of the 820. You should be able to buy one for $179 or cheaper if you haggle a bit.


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            Breville BCG600

            Despite its plastic exterior built & looks ( 820 without the bling), it is a great little grinder. You should be able to buy one for $179 or less if you haggle a bit. Myer had it on special last week for $149
            (there's is another thread under beville (misspelt) bcg600sil ).


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              Threads merged, under the title with the correct spelling.

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                I realize this is an old thread but there hasn't been much discussion around this grinder of late and I see this as a suitable place to note my experiences.

                I've owned a Breville BCG600SIL Dose Control Pro grinder for about 18 months now. I purchased it for about $190. In that time I've put about 20kg of coffee through the hopper. The first 15kg of use were coarser/filter grinds and the latter 5kg or so has been for espresso.

                I was pretty happy with the grinder for filter brewing. The timer on this model has 1.0 second precision which I found to be adequate for filter brew dosing. The grinds were generally quite loose/fluffy.

                Some limitations have shown for espresso grinding however. I'm experiencing a lot of clumpy grinds (dark oily roasts are the worst but the issue is still prevalent for lighter roasts too). The timer does not provide the precision I'd like for my desired dose (ie. the grinder times in whole seconds only and I generally find myself needing say, an extra half second to hit my target... that said, I compensate by weighing my coffee grounds with digital scales). Occasionally, I also experience a little bit of fine coffee sediment in the bottom of my shots which indicates to me that the grind size is inconsistent at finer settings.
                It might just be a coincidence, but since tightening up my grind I have also noticed an increased rate of wear to the plastic impeller under the burr.

                I do like the small footprint of the Dose Control Pro and the hopper is a good size for my needs. I find it to be a fairly clean operating grinder. It rarely leaves much of a mess on the surrounding bench. Internal cleaning and maintenance is easy enough. I use a fine brush to clean around the burrs and up the chute at least every 500grams of use. After each kg of use or at every change of bean, I use compressed air to clear under the impeller.

                Would I buy one again?
                If only for coarser grinding or filter coffee - yes.
                For espresso only - no. I would save a bit extra and buy the Smart Grinder with the 0.1 second timer and stainless steel impeller (new models only I believe?).. or better yet.. wait for a secondhand prosumer grinder to come along for the same money.


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                  I use one as a brew grinder for aeropress and plunger, and some light espresso duty with the Flair. It is very good for what it is and especially considering you can buy 2 of them for the cost of a lido manual grinder. I kruve it for non espresso applications.


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                    Originally posted by Melbroaster View Post
                    I use one as a brew grinder for aeropress and plunger, and some light espresso duty with the Flair. It is very good for what it is and especially considering you can buy 2 of them for the cost of a lido manual grinder. I kruve it for non espresso applications.
                    Don't suppose you'd mind starting a little thread to tell us what you think of the Flair?


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                      Thought I would add this in here. I've been using this grinder for single dosing for espresso, and get very little retention or popcorning as seem to be common issues with other grinders. This morning I weighed 20.0g beans into the hopper, and measured 19.9g ground Into my basket. Have had this for a couple of years and shows no sign of wear. I did have to manually adjust the burrs tighter to get a better range for espresso though, but can now consistently get a 1:2 ratio out in around 30 seconds. Seems to be a pretty good little grinder to me (I might be naive as I've never used a higher end grinder before).