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Hario Skerton - Favourite grind settings

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  • Hario Skerton - Favourite grind settings

    So I just purchased a Hario Skerton and I'm loving it, but I wanted to get some other opinions on the best grind settings for various brew methods.

    My main brewing methods are stovetop espresso and French press, but having backed brewover on Kickstarter I'll be getting into cold drip and pour-over soon.
    Using the method described here to set the grind I generally use 4 for Stovetop and 6 for French press, but I'd like to know what others use.

    I'd like to get a good database going of brewing methods and good grinds so let me know your favourite and I'll add it or amend the range in the table.
    It may also be useful to add a notes as well e.g. coffee:water ratio, but I'll see how people think about that too (there's probably a lot more changes in preference there too).

    This is basically what I've pieced together from various searches, let me know if anything looks wrong from your experience.
    Method Grind setting Notes
    Espresso 1-2
    V60 2-3
    Aeropress 2-3
    Stovetop espresso 3-4
    Chemex 4
    Cold brew 6
    Cold drip 6 Depends on drip rate. Faster = finer?
    French Press 6-7