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Anfim/ECA KS stepped adjustment mod (may work on other stepped grinders)

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  • Anfim/ECA KS stepped adjustment mod (may work on other stepped grinders)

    Hi Everyone, I've found some useful information on this board so I thought I'd share this mod in case it is of use to anybody.

    I have an anfim KS which I'm very happy with except I found the adjustments to be a little coarse. In my opinion this unit has excellent build quality, with heavy cast burr carriers (brass bottom and aluminium top).

    Unfortunately this is let down somewhat by a fairly crappy and primitive locking mechanism. Its simply a pin on a spring. It's a bit of a sloppy fit (at least on mine) but it always migrates to the coarse end of the play for each slot due to the force of the beans going through, and I have found grind size to be very consistent due to this.

    So the only real problem is the steps being a little too big.
    I came up with a simple mod to effectively double the resolution. Maybe someone else has done this too, I don't know.

    It might work on other grinders with a similar setup. Use at your own risk.

    1. Remove the hopper and upper burr-carrier.

    2. Lift out the locking pin (don't lose the spring - if you invert the machine it will fall out!)

    3. Carefully file a small notch into the top of the pin, parallel to the plastic handle. A vice with soft jaws and a small jeweller's file are ideal. Take only a little material at a time and stop to check frequently. I found the metal to be soft, likely a zinc alloy. Take enough that the sides of the notch aren't too thin and flimsy, but don't over do it. You just need it to engage on the ridges on the trop burr carrier.

    4. smooth off any edges gently with some fine sand paper. Clean ad re-assemble.

    That's it! The pin should now engage on either the holes in the burr carrier, or the ridges between the holes, giving you an extra step in between every step you had before.

    (You may have to zoom in on the last image to see the modified pin)