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EM0480 - no power. Any advice?

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  • EM0480 - no power. Any advice?

    Hey folks,

    My EM0480 has just died this morning. It's completely kaput. It was working fine yesterday but when I flicked the switch this morning nothing happens. As it appears to be an electrical issue I'd say it's terminal, or at the very least not worth the expense of fixing. But if anyone can give me some advice I'd be keen to open it up and take a look. I'll strip it for parts anyway so I'm quite happy to start disassembling it.

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    I don't have the machine in front of me, but under the hopper is a safety switch. If you remove the hopper then press this down, does it flick back again? If not, remove the 4 screws, and there is a button that the switch connects to, on a spring. Make sure this is connected OK and hasn't fallen. Otherwise probably electrical in nature


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      Do you hear anything when you flick the switch? IE: Humming?
      Don't know the internals of this grinder, but our Macap grinder has a start capacitor that required replacing a few months back. Without it working, when you switched on the grinder you heard a hum but the spinning would not start. I could actually manually spin the top of the spindle to start the grinder going, which led to the diagnosis of 'Needs a $20 capacitor' and not 'Need a new grinder'.


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        Thanks for the replies.

        Firstly - the safety switch is the little single spring loaded button under the collar I believe. This seems to be fine, but I'll have a look underneath to make sure.

        Secondly - I hear nothing, it's literally doing nothing.

        Anyone else got anything?


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          It's ok, I've fixed it. It was the safety switch. It seemed ok from the top and I could hear it clicking when I pressed it, but after trying this a couple of times with no result I took the top off and cleaned everything then put it back together and it's working again. I guess it could happen again, but for now we are back in action. Thanks for your help guys.


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            Simple fix,good on advice is to limit the machine to operate "without" coffee beans ,therefore no build up of bean husk/debris accumulation finding it's way to the blockage prone safety switch can occur! Or (as I do) occasionally give your grinders (all models) a thorough blasting of compressed air * ,build up of debris is almost eliminated.
            * high pressure compressed air can and sometimes does contribute to other problems by possible damage to fragile electrical/electronic components.


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              Yeah I think it was some built up grounds in there Mick. I'll certainly be cleaning out the lower burr chamber more frequently. As good a grinder as it is its susceptibility to build up in this area is quite bad. (No compressed air for me, I'll just unplug it from the power and get in there with an old plastic spoon or knife).