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Could someone with a Porlex check their burrs for me please

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  • Could someone with a Porlex check their burrs for me please


    Just got a new Porlex to replace my defunct Hario mini and noticed the Porlex burrs don't seem to align properly (at least compared the the Hario burrs)

    The problem is with the outer ceramic burr.

    Firstly, the outer burr is not flat on its lower surface. If you place it on a flat surface it wobbles from side to side. The Hario outer burr does not.

    Secondly, and of more concern, is that when the burrs are sitting together (i.e. at zero point) the inner burr wobbles inside the outer burr. There is always a visible gap between the burrs. The Hario burrs sit nicely together with no gap.

    The Hario inner burr also wobbles inside the Porlex outer burr, so I am sure it is the Porlex outer burr at fault.

    My concern is that at fine grinder settings larger particles will be allowed to pass by through the gap, thereby decreasing the evenness of the grind.

    I'm wondering if it's a faulty outer burr or if they are all like that?

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    Hi decaf,

    Yes I can confirm that having seen a few Porlex's, including my own, they are all like this.

    At finer settings it doesn't produce a bad cup in an Aeropress. Coarse grind settings are rubbish though.

    I reduced the problem to some extent by cutting small bits of double sided cellofoam tape and sticking it beneath the upper burr. This reduces the clearance with the lower burr (depends on how thick your tape is). The lower burr still wobbled, so I disassembled the lower burr and also stuck some tape on top of the two plastic bits that fit inside a groove inside the lower burr. It functions much better than when it came out of the box and is an easy hack.

    I hope that helps.


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      I'm looking for a hand grinder at the moment. I was looking at Hario, Porlex and Zassenhaus. Based on this I think I'll cross Porlex off the list. Cheers.


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        I'm curious about this and will take a look at my Porlex when I'm next in the office. However, I do remember someone - I think it was Phil McKnight - saying here that their grinders were designed to incorporate the effect of coffee between the burrs. That is, the clearances were different when the grinder is just examined empty. So I wonder to what extent the wobble in the burrs is reflected in a problem with the grind - would be curious to see people's assessment of the ground coffee.

        There's also a related question, which is what the best possible coarse grind is. Offhand, I would think that as the beans are crushed, you get pieces that are larger and pieces that are smaller. If you're grinding with a coarser setting, the smaller pieces may drop straight through. The result would be intrinsically greater variation in the grind size; and the effect of the grinder setting would be to change the size only of the largest pieces. So it would also be interesting to compare the coarse grind settings on the Porlex to an equivalent setting on a different grinder that produces the same size largest pieces of coffee beans, and to check the difference in variability of the particle size i.e. to what extent are problems with coarse settings intrinsic to all grinders


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          Just to confirm, I am not talking about the movement of the burrs relative to one another when they are mounted in the grinder (which is what I think your mods addressed). I am describing what amounts to a warped lower burr. i.e. if you do this with the burrs removed:

          - the lower burr wobbles when placed on a flat surface (around 1mm movement)

          - the inner burr wobbles when sitting inside the outer burr

          The Hario burrs do neither of these things. I just want to know if my Porlex burrs are normal or from a faulty batch.

          LeroyC - I wouldn't right off the Porlex yet. It is a better constructed grinder than the Hario. If the burrs are ok then it is probably the best value hand grinder available at the moment

          papagoose - afaik all cheap hand grinders have terrible coarse grind performance unless modded e.g. OE Lower Bearing UPGRADE KIT for Hario Skerton / Kyocera CM50 Hand Grinders


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            Hi again decaf,

            You had me curious as to how you got it to wobble

            I could not get the lower burr to wobble to be honest....But, then I realised that my mod (the foam inside that lower burr) causes the little plastic circle to stick out about 1-2mm more. So the burr was not really resting on anything, it was the circle. I removed that inner plastic piece and put only the ceramic part on a flat surface. I also got that wobble but I would say it was more .5mm that 1mm. It was hardly noticable, but it was there just like you said. Perhaps push the plastic piece out and test again.

            As for the inner burr wobbling and leaving a gap when not mounted in the grinder, I believe this is simply a part of the design as mine is the same (slightly better with my mod when mounted). Whether that was intended or not I do not know.

            So it seems you have nothing to worry about unless someone else wishes to chip in.

            Leroy C- I will also vouch for decaf's evaluation of the Hario vs the Porlex. Although some other CS'ers have made mention of the Rhinowares grinder being of a better quality than the Porlex in this price range.
            I will be receiving a 'Hanground' grinder around August once it is shipped after production and it sure does look like a challenger (price wise and in design) to the Lido models that cost a lot more than this range. My main reason for using a Porlex is disclosed in my profile picture. Aeropress and Porlex were made for eachother when travelling.