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  • Stoned to death

    With great sadness i announce the death of Gary the grinder due to a stone! Beware peeps, dont assume it doesn't happen

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    My deepest condolences, what was Gary last meal? Home cook or bought roasted beans? Can Gary be revived with new set of teeth?


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      Last meal was png AAA from Andy. Bought the same grinder on special at Kambo $99! If it lasts 6 months i will go heave. Bcg800


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        Ouch. Sorry to hear this. Stones do happen, but very infrequently. On my parents' delonghi magnifica I through in some beans that I roasted. I heard a massive crunch crunch crunch and then bang.

        The top half of the burrs poped out of the grind adjustment housing. Luckly nothing broke, but I had to figure out how the burrs went back together. Smallish stone ;(

        Sorry to hear about its demise.


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          All good now, no panic, just glad it want an expensive grinder that went tits up


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            You were pretty stiff to find one in that PNG, it's one of the cleanest beans ever to go through my destoner at the Snobbery... which is the real point of the fine print on the green bean labels...

            You can find all sorts of stuff in coffee beans that you wouldn't want to grind.

            The odd thing with doing commercial quantities is you find the cleanest beans can have some of the nastiest stuff. A wet hulled indo might have a bit of concrete in there (which most grinders would munch okay) and then something like super clean PNG will have a stainless nut in there that's fallen off some part of the processing equipment.

            Ya gotta check everything!


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              Ouch - sorry to hear that. It certainly does happen…

              Maybe it's time for a DIY destoner

              Click image for larger version

Name:	DBC-Stone-Catch.jpg
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Size:	70.6 KB
ID:	738990 Click image for larger version

Name:	DBC-Destoner- (3).jpg
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Size:	233.6 KB
ID:	738991


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                sorry to hear that. This is why I always check my beans, but I still believe that can happen. Did this happen to you only once?


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                  Well bugger me, bought the new griddr a few weeks back, worked well up to this morning and bam! Thought the grinder was just crap till i found another stone. Now its one thing me stuffing up my grinder but another since i am roasting for others as well.


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                    Roasting for others? Better make yourself a de-stoner. ;-D

                    For modest amounts.....



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                      Ain't that the truth!


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                        I lost my first Sunbeam burr grinder to a small chunk of alloy, just soft enough to not trigger anything, but hard enough to totally kill the burrs before I noticed it, and it killed something with the alignment, roasters claimed it could not have possibly been from them, in the end would only comp like 2kg of coffee as compensation.


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                          i had never heard of this phenomenon..


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                            Originally posted by leighaus View Post
                            i had never heard of this phenomenon..
                            It's hardly a "phenomenon", if you home roast it's a reality, for commercial roasters that roast larger batches for which visual checking is impractical, they have to take steps (use of de-stoners), to ensure they do not appear in customers bags of coffee.