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2nd grinder for decaf, or upgrade?

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  • 2nd grinder for decaf, or upgrade?

    Hi All,
    My wife is still insisting on decaf, and after a few years of changing the setting each time on the mazzer, I have had enough. So....
    I have a Mazzer mini, doser, about 8 yrs old. No issues, just got some new burrs and all is fine.
    It is matched to an Expobar Minore (1st edition with an updated PID)
    So, should I get a Breville Smart ginder for her, or upgrade for me? I wouldn't mind getting a auto dose ginder, to be able to minimise the wastage I am getting, but the budget won't really stretch to a Mazzer-e!


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    Macap M2M for the decaf (can't exactly tell what your budget is....somewhere between the cost of a smart grinder and Mazzer-e)? Small footprint, solid espresso grinder, stepped (but with small margins between steps). Easy to shift grind settings if you end up needing to use it alone or if you want say, a plunger/aeropress grind.


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      Even a "stepless" modded Rocky doserless would be Ok I reckon...
      Used units in good condition often come up in the 4-Sale section.



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        I am in exactly the same boat, have a Compak k3 + Bezzera BZ07. My other half only drinks decaf and I don't want to be mucking around changing grinds. So I just bought a new Breville BCG 820 online for $199 from Myer. It will do nicely enough I hope for decaf + the odd French press / aero press while I keep the Kompak dialled in for real coffee.