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    Hi everyone.
    I've had a burning question in my mind in the way of hand grinders. Despite the shortcomings of having to make something small with moving parts that need to be consistently well aligned for the grinding process, the prospect of getting coffee that is 'just-as-good' while away from the big machines at home is still such a plus. That, and of course the satisfaction with a morning ritual involving a much more tactile element.

    My main interest of late is the rosco. I've owned the hario slim + skerton, the kyocera c50 and most recently the lido 2. Needless to say only the lido 2 has been adequate, but i still find myself wanting.

    Im interested to find something on the particle size distribution curve for the lido and rosco and see how they compare. Theroetically they seem to have the right innards to produce just about 'perfect' (as perfect as a commercial grinder would anyway) alignment and particle size variation but nothing concrete in terms of evidence. \

    From a personal use experience there seems to be days when grinding for filter on the lido 2 i find fairly large sized chunks mixed with a large amount of medium sized particles which gets me wondering about whether the grinder really is well-algined or still losing some of it and spitting out some irregulars. I know this could just be the grind setting and that the chewing process of the burrs will always make variations in size, and the larger i go the more this variatioin will be evident because bean particles will always be different in size, but it still cant give me what my kony at home can.

    So if anyone has any insight to share on the rosco (or the lido for the matter) i'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Of course the elephant in the room here is the pharos - but really, there comes a point when it is just difficult to accept that it is something i can use as a portable grinder, and the pharos seems to tip that scale a little bit. That, and of course the whale of the HG one (though both seem to be excellent grinders - just ones you would leave at home instead)


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    ah. i retract above comment asking for a particle distribution curve of the lido 2... its on the OE site evidently... with most of the above questions asked.

    my question then is how (if anyone has had the chance to compare the two) does the lido compare to the rosco? =)


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      I know you've asked about the Lido versus Rosco... but I wanted to address the elephant in the room. I own a Lido 2 and an HG one and I think that they're completely different in terms of their respective areas of strength. The one liner is that I much prefer the HG one for espresso and much prefer the Lido 2 for pourover. I expect that the Pharos has similar strengths/weaknesses to the HG one.


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        I own a Lido 1 and I can say the grind distribution at the press and filter range is more even than any grinder I have used. Have you done the fine tuning of the burr alignment as described on OE's youtube channel? The odd chunky grind will show up in any conical burr grinder, electric or manual, it is a product of the design. Beg, borrow or steal a decent electric conical burr and compare to your Lido, I promise you will be surprised. Can't speak for the Rosco though, but my impression is it is in the same league as the Lido...


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          Originally posted by pyrmontboy200 View Post
          Beg, borrow or steal a decent electric conical burr and compare to your Lido, I promise you will be surprised.
          I think timdimdom said he owns a Mazzer Kony in his first post (definitely a decent electric conical burr if you ask me) and that the Lido 2 can't match the quality.

          I've tried my brother's Lido 2 and now that I'm in the market for a hand grinder, I'm keen on a comparison between the Lido 2/3 and the Rosco too.


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            I also have the Lido 2, and often compare against the same beans through a Robur - and I can't tell the difference in quality in the cup for espresso.
            I bought it mainly for camping and holidays - but having used it, it has now become a very useful roasting test-tool, as I can run a double of a single origin or blend with no retention of grinds etc to get a very clear flavour profile result as espresso. And when the big grinder catches up as I put the larger bags through - I never think I've been deceived by the Lido

            Cheers Matt


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              Wish there was an option to delete a post on this thing!

              Anyway I will be interested to hear the outcome of this investigation....


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                Originally posted by pyrmontboy200 View Post
                Wish there was an option to delete a post on this thing!

                Anyway I will be interested to hear the outcome of this investigation....
                In the past I've reported my own post and written please delete in the message. Seems to be gone soon enough.

                I spent a short time reading up on comparisons to the Lido 2 and 3. There was a fairly long thread on another forum comparing the two. Aside from the turn ratio, which is stated on the OE site, they're pretty much the same with only weight being the other difference (and not mentioning the stated antistatic jar or the foldable handle). The Lido 3 is quite a bit lighter which people seem to like. That's what I picked up from a short investigation. Enough for me to order a Lido 3

                Aside from not being sure on posting rules about linking to another forum, I'm currently on my phone and don't have the data to be looking for the thread.


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                  thanks all for the great discussion so far.

                  It seems that among the filter brewers most go for the lido 2 and i have yet to find much on how the rosco performs in coarser grind adjustments. Thats still the looming question for me i think. The interesting point for me as well is (and this is based solely from the website and threads on CS/HB/CG) that the rosco seems to have been developed with mainly espresso in mind while the lido for filter. Doug claims the lido has specific design characteristics for it to perform in espresso as well as filter.

                  As for a personal update.... after a 10 week stint in a country town for work being stuck with the lido 2 as my only grinder i begin to realize the lido 2 really does grow on you (and the convenience of an electric grinder suddenly disappears...). the short turn handle and overall bulk of the grinder is something i never thought i'd just get accustomed to!
                  I did realize i didn't do the alignment prymontboy suggested, but only towards the end of the 10 weeks and have yet to get around to doing so..... will post up some feedback when i do.