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2nd grinder for french press/moka pot

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  • 2nd grinder for french press/moka pot

    Hi All,

    As per the title I am looking for suggestions on a second grinder for mainly french press or moka pot.

    I have a compak K3, however I have recently moved and it and the Silvia are still packed up (and I don't intend on getting them out for a while).

    As such, I'm looking to get another grinder.

    I have no qualms buying a second hand one, and even looking at something larger like a mazzer major or luigi for the right price, and when I eventually get the K3 out it could become the 2nd grinder.

    Other than the above idea, I'd be looking for something capable of a nice coarse grind, as my old grinder (Krups something) tends to push through a lot of fines into the end cup.

    Don't have a set budget, but obviously lower is better.

    Suggest me a grinder/s that is capable of a consistent medium/coarse grind for french press/moka pot

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