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  • Dosing question

    I am having a seniors moment, it happens to us all, some more often than others!

    I make coffee in two locations. I won't go into details.
    At home: 18gm grinds giving 27ml in 27secs nice (larger cups)
    At work: 14gm grinds giving 27ml in 27secs nice (small cups)

    My question if I want the 14gm grinder to start grinding 18gm I am guessing I would have to 'coarsen' the grind to keep the output of 27ml in 27secs - as the hot water has to go through more grinds.

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    Does the coffee taste ok at both locations?

    I presume you are using the same machine at each location? If not, aiming at exactly the same dose doesn't seem to be needed.


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      using the same basket ?


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        Originally posted by summercrema View Post
        using the same basket ?
        all parameter the same except the grindingparameters?


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          Sorry about all that

          I am planning to move the M4D to work to replace the Rocky so I have to adjust the grind.
          I got it wrong last week so brought it home to sort out with Silvia. I think I was too extreme in my adjustments. The taste was extremely awful either way!
          It's pretty simple, I am just panicking.

          Answered - stop panicking!
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