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Iberital De Recanvis (Cunill Tranquillo 2) VS Lelit PL043MM, thoughts?

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  • Iberital De Recanvis (Cunill Tranquillo 2) VS Lelit PL043MM, thoughts?

    Hi CS

    I had decided on a Lelit Anita (combi) and then as luck would have it I obtained the above doser grinder for nothing and after a clean was working perfectly so it has me asking the question which is better? I know, I know better how? Faster, Quieter, Finer ajustment, Less clumping?
    I do like the idea of a seperate grinder but the Iberital is far more than I need, and i dont like the idea of going to the Lelit combi including PL043MM if its a step down in quality. My usual drinking is 2 coffees a day during the week and up to 4 on the weekend, usually just one at a time. At the moment I'm using a cheapo thermoblock but as mentioned above was looking to upgrade to a single boiler. Will post in the right section for thoughts on machines
    I would be interested to hear your thoughts, pros cons etc on the above match up?
    I could always sell the Iberital, in good condition, 2009, does anyone have any idea of a reasonable asking price?

    Cheers Matt

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      Anyone? $$$


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        I have an older version of the Iberital, with doser, which from memory I picked up secondhand for about $200-$250.
        Check the Sold listings here for other prices.
        Personally, mine has been great. I am nowhere near the finest grind setting and probably wont ever have to replace the burrs (FYI I'm using it with a Quaha which is very similar to the Lelit you are considering).
        Be nice to have a finer or step-less grind adjustment but you can always compensate with dose adjustment.
        Although you probably waste a bit more coffee with the doser, I reckon it removes all issues with clumping - one less variable you have to worry about.
        My 2c worth - if you have the room, keep it and buy a better single boiler.


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          Thanks saeco_user, I did look through the sold items but found no matches. I was thinking I probably wouldn't struggle to sell it for $200 if I decide to. I must agree am wasting a bit more coffee than before. Thanks for the advice to look at a better single boiler. I understand what you say and usually I am a buy it right the first time sort of guy but it's only me that is drinking (coffee) so hard to justify the giotto machine I really want. But I am hopeful If I decide on the Lelit I can sell in a couple of years with little depreciation. I might revisit the drawing board once more....
          thanks for posting your experience with the grinder I appreciate it. Matt


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            G'day Matt...

            How large are the adjustment steps on the Type II grinder mate?
            If they're closer together than the older units, I think the Iberital would be worth keeping.
            Quite apart from that, the Iberital should be quite a bit quicker than the small Lelit grinder and perhaps the burr-set would also last longer too.
            From a quality in the cup perspective though, I think both grinders are well able to deliver on that front...



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              Originally posted by Matt6 View Post
              I must agree am wasting a bit more coffee than before.
              For machines that will chemical backflush...
              Save the wasted grounds and use to season the machine after backflushing


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                Thanks Mal, just what I was after, I wasn't sure if it was just bigger or if it could hold its own against the Lelit. Not sure about the steps, usually what I need to get a reasonable flow maybe 3-4 clicks coarser from touching burrs. I was considering drilling the plastic on the underside of the upper ring in between the holes(steps) to add half step if there is room but still learning at the moment so I don't want to do anything I can't undo. So far so good, my shots are getting better but some are still a bit on the bitter side.
                Wantracilio I could always collect them and give them to my father in law as he is using supermarket beans and a blade grinder