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Compak K6 doser to which doserless, M2M/K3P?

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  • Compak K6 doser to which doserless, M2M/K3P?

    Hi all.

    I'm currently using a rebranded Compak K6 grinder which is giving great results, but I'm a bit over the doser and don't really want to mod it to be doserless. Unfortunately I can't up/crossgrade so I'm looking at something in the M2M/K3P range. I don't really need a timer because (for better or worse) I grind a measured dose for just one double 99% of the time. I also want something with minimal retention as that's also one of my bugbears with the K6. I see the M2M has 50mm burrs vs 58mm in the K3, and I think a less powerful motor, is this any consideration day to day? I find minimal popcorning issues with my K6 so would like to have this trait also. Finally I want ease of grinding into the portafilter (i.e. not messy/wasteful).. don't really want to have to mod a new machine.

    Love to hear any comments on which of these grinders (or others) fits the bill the best in your opinions.

    PS: My machine is a VBM Domobar Jnr