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Mazzer Major vs ? Moving up from the Macap Dosered

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  • Mazzer Major vs ? Moving up from the Macap Dosered

    Hi, it's been a while since I was last here and in the market for coffee equipment, so I'm rusty re what's what atm, as well as moving into a different level market for a grinder.

    I volunteer at fundraising events and have burned through my Macap M4 Dosered. After speaking with a couple of grinder suppliers, I surprisingly discovered that I'm now in the league of Mazzer Major territory based on kg/session.

    I tried one out for an event today and it went pretty well. Loved the auto-grind function, its speed, and its hopper size. The dosing lever was a good size too. Disliked the odd clumps I got every so often. I was manually dosing so swiping off the excess with Scotty's tool and having it take a clump with it was a new surprise. The grind size wasn't as consistent as that produced by the Macap. Don't know why - any thoughts? (Talking about particle size within a shot.) Not keen on its industrial design but, hey, it ground out coffee all day without missing a beat. Happy with its performance overall.

    Anyhow, what are equivalent grinders in the same league please? (3kg/session). Thank you.

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    G'day Intellidepth,

    Have a look at the Compak E8 OD | Talk Coffee which you could add a short hopper to. This would give you a smallish solution for home whilst using the stock hopper for events. Grind time is in the circa 4 sec region/ double.

    It will cope easily with the volume you have in mind.



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      Thanks Chris.


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        Having trouble getting my head around doserless for service even with a 4 sec/double grind time. Two baristas tend to work together for service, so having to wait for a grind due to different patterns/speeds of working in the same space would be frustrating. This year to cope with the load I even had people either side of the bench loading up hot chocs/chais/special milks in jugs, topping off caps and calling out to customers.

        Actually, I really need another group or two but def a machine that is a power steamer. Unfortunately I am limited by weight (volunteers physically lugging equipment) and 10amp circuits. Discussion for another day. (Trying to put off that purchase! Maybe hiring is the way to go there now. I really don't want another machine on my kitchen bench. But I do need a new grinder.)


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          If price is removed from the equation so I could creep into conicals, would a K10 do the job please? Knowing I can hire a Major now gives me a bit of breathing space/thinking time.


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            Originally posted by Intellidepth View Post
            If price is removed from the equation so I could creep into conicals, would a K10 do the job please?

            FWIW doserless is brilliant in high volume and it will decrease waste as well if you're free dosing.


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              Thanks Chris.