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Just bought a Compak K8 Silenzio

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  • Just bought a Compak K8 Silenzio

    I just took a gamble and bought a 2nd hand K8 Silenzio on Trade Me here in NZ. I know there's been a bit of conjecture about it's design, but I'm hopeful that it'll be fine for anything I need it to do. I had the opportunity to use a Super Jolly recently and that's really what I was after. Even though they become available quite frequently for reasonable prices, they tend to end up going for just a bit more than I can afford. So with the chance to get the Compak for a good price I decided to take it. Now I just need to decide whether I tell my wife before it arrives or just let it arrive and set it up??!!!

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    G'day mate...

    I think you will be very impressed with the output of one of these. A more direct comparo would be with a Mazzer Major rather than a Super Jolly. Even if it needs some work, these grinders like most in this class of commercials, are built to take it and parts are not that hard to come by. 20g double shot in about 5-6 seconds...



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      Originally posted by LeroyC View Post

      Now I just need to decide whether I tell my wife before it arrives or just let it arrive and set it up??!!!
      Pity Labor Day is so late in October . You could have told the Missus a guest was coming for the long weekend.

      I would go with set up and introduce! Enjoy


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        Gday Leroy
        well done and good luck. As Mal said it should fit the avge needs of the home barista admirably.
        Ive had a K3 and for some unfathonable reason we just didnt gel. Oh it wassnt the K3 's fault! Anyyway once I moved on to the SJ life has been bliss. I would be hard pressed to part with it - BUT just the other week I had the offer of a Macap M4D and was sorely tempted! If only I had knew of your SJ cravings!! But then again the distance between Me the M4D and then the SJ and you - may have been a step to far!
        And the K8 is another step or two up the ladder so your future coffee's should be growse.
        My experience has been that I dont really focus on the speed of doasge delivery. So much as a consistent readable grind resullt. I am always changing my blend / baskets etc and given your prepared to make a few experiments and record your basket / dose / bean blend settings - alls good. I havent used a K8, but would think its similar to the others in the Compak family - a white out pen and marking the true zero, then your preferred base grind point and from there all should be good.
        As for the Domestic Goddess - why not just introduce said K8 surely but discretely into the Kitchen Real estate, place behind some other utensils or other, then cover with a tea towel. Id suggest under the TT might be a few small stem flowers in the K8's 'Hand' plus a note -
        I'm all alone and have noobody ): Im hoping I can fiind a lovely family to take me in and LUV Me too. Won't You?

        At this point you coould/should just happen too walk in and say 'WOW whats this then! Hey Honey can I make you a coffee to celebrate?'

        It would take a very hard hearted wench to reject this or a simiilar approach. Well Goood Luck Leroy.

        PS the basket is going great guns Cheers Peter


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          I'm a bit lucky as my partner doesn't mind my habit, and I've found if a grinder or espresso machine looks "pretty" she will encourage me.


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            Thanks for the detailed scheme for introducing the K8 Peter. One major problem - she doesn't drink coffee!!! LOL. Unfortunately I don't think the K8 is particularly pretty either. We'll see. I won't get rid of my Anfim until I know I'm safe.


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              Tell her she's allowed to buy a dress or some shoes, get a deal going haha.


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                Originally posted by kyeba View Post
                Tell her she's allowed to buy a dress or some shoes, get a deal going haha.
                Yep, I think that will have to be the course of action.