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Troubleshooting a Breville BCG800

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  • Troubleshooting a Breville BCG800

    Hi all

    I've been trying to get my BCG800 back to functional status for about a year. At least 6 months back I got fed up and bought a BCG820 and using that happily.

    However I was hoping to get my BCG800 back running again so I can run decaf beans on one and caff beans on the other (please don't judge, caffeine keeps me awake if I drink it later than 3-4pm).

    So, the issue: takes 2-3 presses with max amount set to fill a 2 shot basket. I think it all started about a year ago whilst grinding beans when I heard a crunch and since then the BCG800 has needed 2-3 presses of 2 shots to get a 2 shot basket full. I've cleaned it at least 10 times and only last week unbolted the bottom grinder to find a solitary coffee bean stuck below it which may have been there a very long time. I put it back together and still needs 2 presses but since getting rid of that bean the grind is more consistent.

    Any ideas? It's almost like even though I choose 2 shots on the grinder I only get 1 shot output, and compared to the BCG820 the 'fauly' BCG800 is very slow.


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    The gears start to wear and don't mesh smoothly. This increases strain on the motor and slows the burr speed meaning a slower output.

    Only way to fix it is to find a scrapped grinder with a dead PCB or burrs and build one from the two. Breville dont sell spares for these grinders.


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      Thanks for the reply. I guess I will just wait for this BCG800 to die for good and invest in yet another BCG820.


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        You may consider upgrading to a Macap or Compak or similar flat burr grinder.
        I like the Breville and use one at work but the fact remains that it's an appliance and really won't last more than a few years.

        Site sponsor Talk Coffee has a good write up about coffee grinders and the right one to choose.

        Read here: Buying guide- coffee grinders | Talk Coffee