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Kony E - adjustments question

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  • Kony E - adjustments question

    I just bought a shiny new Kony E from one of the sponsors here

    Just have a question regarding adjustment

    I really prefer to not have to run the motor while adjusting, I read that this is to prevent possibility of the motor stalling, but in the case of the Kony, there's so much torque (low RPM conical) I don't think this is a possibility - so removing that threat, is there any other issue with adjusting while off?

    Secondly, I haven't tried this yet but does anyone know whether if I adjust all the way to the most fine, is it possible for the burrs to touch and collide with each other, or is there some sort of safety keeping a tiny space between the burrs?

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    Like most commercial grinders, the burrs will collide if they are adjusted down too fine. Adjusting a small amount finer while not running shouldn't stall the burrs, and once you have the grind setting somewhere near correct and are just fine tuning, the small adjustments you should be making won't stall the grinder. And even if they do, you can just back off the adjustment a bit coarser to get it running again. It would be almost impossible to damage anything on a Kony by setting it too fine while off and stalling the grinder.