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Sunbeam EM480 vs Macap M2M quick comparison

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  • Sunbeam EM480 vs Macap M2M quick comparison

    I think this is my first post here despite lurking and learning for a few years.
    Ive owned the sunbeam since new for 3 years and it really hasn't missed a beat, but decided it was time for a change so upgraded to the M2M. Only been using it for a week but it is a comparison of the two:

    ~ $180
    conical burr, stepped adjustment
    comes with tamping mat, two portafiller holders, push to grind
    noisy and messy
    retains quiet a lot of grounds
    grinds tend to clump
    burrs require regular cleaning
    no serious maintenance issues other than correct shimming required and I've attempted to improve the play in the burrs
    Hasn't missed a beat and great value for money

    flat burr, stepped adjustment
    no tamping matt, portafiller holder, push to grind
    quiet and clean in comparison
    low grind retention
    more consistent grind
    shots look and taste better...I think
    time will tell in terms of value for money

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    I explained this exact comparison to one of my customer's today, they were after a grinder to match their Silvia.

    The EM0480 is also quite fast in terms of grinding speed for a domestic grinder but the mess and retention cannot be overlooked.

    I think, value for money, the Macap will win easily.