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M2M settings, please

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  • M2M settings, please

    Hi all,

    Just picked up a new M2M grinder, and I was hoping that someone can help with settings for different grinds, please. At the bottom, I am using the grinder for both pourover and French press, but I am likely to use it for cold drip and cold brew over the summer, and hopefully espresso when I hook myself up with a decent machine.

    Thanks very much.

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    Hi, I have a M2M and I use it for pour over mostly. Different conditions and coffee warrant differing grind size but I've been setting mine at 4.9 from zeroed (cutters touching) which for CS10 Papua New Guinea Mt. Ambra gives me 260ml in 3-4 minutes with 12 grams of coffee through my Hario V60 02. 3-4 minutes depending on how long I first bloom (anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds; 30-40ml); first pour (to 150ml); second pour (to 260ml).


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      ... and I think I had it at about 3.1 for espresso but you can go finer in Perth I'd bet - it's pretty humid here and people go a bit coarser or end up with mud in the group handle basket.


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        Thanks sprezzatura - very comprehensive!

        Anyone got any idea about French press?


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          Honestly, as coarse as it'll go, and if after 4 mins steeping it tastes weak, fine it up a smidgen. French press grind depends on how long you wanna steep it, how hot your water is gunna be and how good your press filter is.