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Best grinder for pour over $300 ish

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  • Best grinder for pour over $300 ish

    Greetings all
    Just recently decided to get back into soft coffee again and have been using an old Z hand grinder.
    I want to purchase an electric grinder so I can make several cups at a time (chemex, plunger and Technivorm) I have been out for the loop so long I'm
    not sure which way to go. We have Sunbeams and Brevilles readily available locally and I can get a pretty decent discount.

    Not wanting perfection here just some advice on the better option for evenness of grind in this price range. Grinder won't be used for espresso as I have a fairly decent Macap.
    Also can use trademe in this side of the ditch which opens a few doors for second hand.

    Cheers Gents


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    G'day Chris....

    Either of the brands you mention will do a fine job for pour-over...
    Probably base your final decision on best bang for buck...



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      The Sunbeam EM0480 or EM0500 probably give the best result in this price range. I believe the Breville BCG820 is much the same but a bit cleaner, tidier and easy to use. May not matter as much for pour over though so grab whatever is on sale at HN or wherever at the time.


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        Thanks guys. I think I'll probably go with the Breville unless I can stag something better on TM second hand.