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  • Grinder for cold drip


    I gave a Macap M4 and live the worm gear adjustment ... But hate it for grinding beans for cold drip

    1 it takes a bit of to get to around to a course grinds

    So looking for a cheap grinder as it is only doing course grinds

    What's a good way to go? A second hand breville smart grinder?

    Any other ideas?


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    Hi Kanda
    Nice to have an easy fix for a change for you!
    I had an M4 for a number of years and switching between large grind adjustments settings is easy. There is a little screw that can be removed from the worm gear winder assembly that allows it to be flipped back from the crown wheel on a hinge. Then you just turn the whole crown wheel to where you want it - I did this regularly to go between espresso & plunger.
    Not sure if you keep a full hopper currently - to use this technique you'll need to dose to order so that you can have an empty grinder to adjust while the grinder is not running.
    Sure beats two grinders…
    All the best!
    Cheers Matt


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      Ahhhh yea I see that now! Simple fix!! I do not keep any beans in the hopper so all good


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        Hi Matt .. thanks for the tip I have a Macap M4 and I've recently added a cold drip to my coffee journey and the grinder has been a nightmare, so problem solved. I don't have to source a second grinder, plus I don't have any room on the bench for another piece of coffee gear cheers Sue


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          Love it when a plan comes together
          Only took me about 3 years to find that screw!