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EM0500 Grinder, need grinding tips pls :) (or possibly EM6910 under performing)

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  • EM0500 Grinder, need grinding tips pls :) (or possibly EM6910 under performing)

    HI everybody. I recently purchased a used 1 year old EM6910 and a brand new EM0500 grinder.

    Please hear me out.

    My problem is this... I have my setting on the grinder at the finest on 0, for some reason it's the best setting... anything coarser will just drip out too fast. My tamping is pretty spot on right amount of force etc.
    I'm using the dual floor two cup filter for double shot (the dual floor filters are the only ones I can use to produce any crema) and it produces just under average quality and quantity of crema, not what I'm used to with my previous machine.

    I wonder if it's the EM6910 not performing well... like the pump etc. Why do I need to have my grind on the finest setting?
    The beans I'm using are Lavazza Gold, I thought it was my beans but then my friend gave me some of her beans which she's been using for years and produces liquid gold... she even tried my setup and same results as my beans. so kinda rules out the beans?

    What am i doing wrong?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks


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    Throw the supermarket beans away, and get some freshly roasted ones. Then get rid of the dual floor filters.

    Think you will find it will make a BIG difference.


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      Follow MrJack's advice and you are in for a treat. Welcome to the rabbit hole!


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        +2 , supermarket beans suck in all regards


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          Dan you are probably doing nothing wrong.
          Your friend got the same result as you, and she produces liquid gold with her gear and her beans.

          So all the above comments may be true, but I am sure the beans are not your problem.

          I have an EM 480, EM6910, VST baskets and a naked P/F.

          I suspect your grinder needs some fine tuning.
          Most EM480 grinders need a shim or two under the bottom burr so you can get the grind fine enough to get the dark shot going to blond.

          I have 2 EM480 grinders, (one is for my daughter)
          I suspect your grinder will be an 'improved" verson of the 480.
          With the last EM480 grinder, 0 was hopeless, just as you have described yours.
          Glad I got it sent to me so I could fine tune it, instead of sending straight to my daughter.

          Regardless of the beans, you should be able to set your grind fine enough to choke the EM6910.
          If you can do that, then you can back it off till you get it right, or come at the other way.
          But it means you can grind a little finer as the beans age, and therefore do not seem to give the best shot that they gave when they were fresh.



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            And go here:


            According to one review I saw the EM0500 has been discontinued.