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Smart Grinder or Porlex Or ?????

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  • Smart Grinder or Porlex Or ?????

    Hi All,
    Long story but I will be selling my main grinder (Fiorenzato) shortly and can only afford very cheap grinding options. I still have my Simonelli Oscar and Bacchi but in preference to putting them away until I can at least afford a K3 I was considering either a Porlex or smart grinder or other options at a similar price. Which gives a better result between the porlex and smart grinder? Any other options come to mind?

    Cheers Yabba

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    Can't say I've been happy with my Porlex - but it's a good 4 years old so maybe the issue has been fixed. I found the metal on the handle was too soft and the connection slot to the grinder became quickly worn. Once or twice during a grind the handle flies off, spins around and cops me in the knuckles at speed.

    Also it's simply too slow if you have more than one coffee to make.


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      Same issue as simonko; my Porlex mini is about a year old but is used pretty much daily. Swapped it for a Kyocera that I had previously as the Porlex fits into my Aeropress for travel...

      I don't really mind using the hand grinder every day; grind quality seems good (well, better than my Sunbeam EM450) but the adjustment steps are pretty large and changing the grind is a bit of a pain. So I'd go for the Breville.


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        At $65 and one grind event/day, a Porlex or similar equates to 17c per grind. 2 coffees? 8c per grind for a year's use...Got 2 or more years from it? 4 or less c/grind? People spend a Porlex in a week on t/a coffee.

        FWIW, I view this entire class of grinders as travel grinders- for occasional use...

        If you want to use a hand grinder exclusively, my opinion is that you should be looking to OE Lido or similar grinders which are manufactured at a totally different level of quality and performance. Everyday coffee requires an everyday grinder.
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          + 1 re the lido

          What Fiorenzato do you have ?


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            Check out the for sale section of the forum, bargain K3 there atm.



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              Originally posted by kesa32 View Post
              + 1 re the lido

              What Fiorenzato do you have ?
              Its a Doge 63.


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                Firstly let me preface by saying I've never used a porlex but I've used a grindripper which is similar ie ceramic burr and I'd take a smart grinder over that every day of the week. Specifically, the grindripper took about 2.5 minutes of grinding for an espresso which was so tedious - I'd hope that the porlex wouldn't take that long if espresso is your choice of drink. The grindripper was much more pleasant for pour over (granted - what it was designed for) with much more acceptable grinding times and quality.

                The smart grinder is a very easy grinder to live with - it's clean, quick (compared with hand grinding) and the minimum level grinder I advise people to buy if they're on a tight budget.

                I also agree wholeheartedly with Talk_Coffee's comments - I also have a Portaspresso Rosco hand grinder which is comparable to the OE Lido - totally different ballpark. It grinds espresso beautifully in about 40 seconds and is something I could easily live with on a daily basis. When I'm trying new roasts it's my go to grinder - this will be perhaps controversial but in my very humble opinion it's capable of outdoing my Macap M4D -it's just not as convenient and simple to use as the Macap.

                So, my opinion only - I'd avoid the porlex et al. altogether, unless it's for size/weight convenience and get a smart grinder and up or a lido/rosco and up.