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EM0480 - When Shims Don't Help

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  • EM0480 - When Shims Don't Help

    If you've tried more shims in your Sunbeam grinder and it still spits out gravel here's a possible cause that's easy to check.

    First remove the hopper, empty the beans then press the button on the back and rotate the adjuster fully anti-clockwise past 'Coarse' and take the top off. Then lift out the top stationary burr -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Stationary Burr.jpg
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    Now check the two fingers - they should have reasonably sharp 'wedges' sticking out from the bottom. These run in the matching thread in the adjustment carrier.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	OK finger.jpg
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    If either or both look more like this then they are probably jumping out of the threaded section under load and causing the grind to be very coarse.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Worn finger.jpg
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    The cure is a new burr(s) if they are available or a new grinder, although it may be possible to reshape the wedge as I'm hoping to try on this grinder as soon as time permits.

    I will post the results of my efforts but would be happy to hear from anyone who has come across this before and has a cure.

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    Seen them shear off completely or take damage similar to your case when the customer hasn't set the adjustment collar correctly and then follows the instruction "press firmly into place" written on the grinder.

    New burr set is around $85. Never attempted a repair on a damaged one, not sure what method would be strong enough to withstand the grinding vibration and movement.

    Edit: 600th post, yay


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      600th post, yay
      - Congratulations!

      Yes, I think this machine has done a lot of work in the past but, since it was given to me, it's a good opportunity to experiment and see what can be done.

      It's a lot of loading on a couple of little bits of plastic so it will be quite a challenge but will be fun to try and will save some landfill and resources if it is successful.

      I thought it was worth posting the fault as it may save someone some frustration - the repair effort is to help satisfy my 'fixitus' addiction!


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        Trial repair #1

        Before attempting a more elaborate repair I though I would attempt a 'Quick and Dirty' fix which probably won't last long but proved fairly easy to carry out.

        Using the tip of my soldering iron I was able to melt the finger back into a rough but workable shape

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Reshaping.jpg
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        This is not the best treatment for the tip of the iron and it would be best to fit an old tip as it takes a bit of effort to clean and re-tin it.

        Here is the reshaped finger -

        Click image for larger version

Name:	New finger.jpg
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        It looks a bit rough but fits in the threaded groove OK

        A test grind on some old beans and all working well. I was able to get a very fine grind with some clumping which looked like it would work OK with some tweaking although I did not bother to try it at this stage.
        Here is a picture of the resultant grind - no more gravel! (but for how long I don't know)

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Test grind.jpg
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          Thanks for your sharing. I own a Sunbeam EM0480 also. While waiting for 0.25mm shims arrival, I did my modification. I used a black PVC isolation tape to wrap the top burr which is the part lift out from the grind adjustment collar. Then I assembly all parts back. The result is quite good and got a finer coffee. Previously, I set my grinder to level "0" for 15g coffee but can't make a proper latte where the pressure showed me it's under extracted. With the 1 minutes tape fix job, I have got the right pressure when setting my grinder to level "1" along. Simply does it!

          I am still awaiting my ordered 2 shims to be arrived. Before that, I can simply enjoy my latte now.

          I also would ask, how can I test my grind. Where can I download the grinder test picture and print it out for test like what you did? Thanks.

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            Originally posted by 1kan View Post

            I also would ask, how can I test my grind.
            Best way is to pull some shots