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ECM S-Automatik 64 v Rocket Macinatore Fausto

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  • ECM S-Automatik 64 v Rocket Macinatore Fausto

    Hi after some advice... I currently have a Rocket Giotto V3 paired with a ECM S-Automatik 64 grinder.. Ever since the new Rocket grinder was announced I've thought maybe I'd like to have that one instead?? I'm after some opinions on this... Do you think its an unnecessary step sideways? Does anyone have much experience with either/both? There really is very little written online about the ECM.. I wouldn't say that I have a problem with my grinder... this is more an ocd type thing that I may or may not be able to justify? cheers

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    Hi wilko23,

    By all means complete your story if you choose. Life's too short as they say. But- do so in the knowledge that your proposed change won't produce the slightest difference in the cup as both are similar planar burr grinders...

    Enjoy the journey...



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      If you've got cash to burn dude, might as well burn it to upgrade into conical territory, rather than picking up the brand name.

      Sure, I know that feeling of wanting to have the matching grinder to your machine - I had that dilemma myself, owning an ECM machine, but ultimately going the Profitec variant of the ECM grinder, rather than matching badges.

      You won't find anyone but a retailer that ranges both machines to give you opinion based on experience, especially given that the Rocket hasn't got into customer hands yet. Maybe Di Bartoli can help? *shrug* Chris gives the Rocket a good kudos up on his website Rocket Espresso Macinatore Fausto | Talk Coffee, so there's no reason to think you wouldn't be happy with it. It's just whether you're happy to shell out the difference for it.


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        Thanks for the reply guys... you're both definitely right... it would be a fairly pointless indulgent purchase... Once I get a chance to have a look and touch of the rocket it may change things anyway... cheers