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Upgrading to Macap M2m or Compak K3.

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  • Upgrading to Macap M2m or Compak K3.

    I am currently using a Breville SG Pro grinder looking to upgrade to either Macap M2m or Compak K3, here are some questions i have.

    1. Which one is better at coffee retention? I consider it quite important for low volume home use. retention on current SG Pro is minimal.
    2. Is it worthwhile to spend $100 extra to get the Compak K3 touch as opposed to the K3 push?
    3. Can I expect to see noticeable improvement in the cup upgrading to either grinder?

    Thanks guys.

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    I went from the smart grinder to the K3, some info here you might find handy:

    Some thoughts to your questions

    1. SG has less. K3 retention amount isnt that much really. if its a concern, do a quick purge.
    2. Depends on how you will be using it. Sounds like you are single dosing so the timer function wont be very effective, it needs a decent amount of beans loaded to help push them into the burrs for consistency. Also the adjustment is analog, I'm not sure how easy it is to tune.
    3. Probably/maybe. The flavour seems a bit more fruity/complex I think out of the K3 but really I would need to do some blind tastes between the two to give an accurate judgement and eliminate plecebo. I haven't used the SG for some time for espresso, might give it a bash, any differences should be more obvious after a long break.



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      Thanks Artman for the great review.


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        SG Pro is meant to be an upgrade over SG (60 vs 25 grind size settings). would be interested to know how it stacks up against the K3 in terms of taste.


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          i doubt there will be any difference in taste between the SG and SG pro, essentially identical except for timed dose and adjustable top burr carrier. its not really stepped as such, and has enough resolution in grind adjustment to make it work well.