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What grinder do I need?

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  • What grinder do I need?

    Total novice here guys... have another thread under Espresso machines trying to get a clue over there too.

    I noticed you paid out on the Single Dose grinder released last year. I'm confused. I thought I need to grind immediately before use, so isn't that what we all need??

    I think my main requirement here is least room for user-error, and least mess.

    I'm hearing that the grind, the dose and the tamp are the most important areas to get right. I reckon I could learn to set a coarseness dial - are there idiot-proof grinders that will get the dose right - straight into the portafilter?

    From what I've seen, the portafilter gets filled to overflowing and the tamping makes a mess - is there a way to avoid this??

    I heard of a grinder with an auto-tamp into a portafilter for a machine of same brand. I presume you guys would hate the lack of control - but what about for removing opportunities for error from a rookie??

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    ok, if your main requirement is fool proof and clean then I'd be suggesting pods. Kinda halfway between instant coffee and "proper" coffee. And the sheer variety of flavours will keep you going for ages.

    Most people will put up with the steep learning curve and mess involved with semi-auto machines as they are fed up with paying ridiculous amounts for crappy coffee. However as cost nor taste are your main requirements why go through all that effort and expense.

    If however you want to "get into" and become a coffee connoisseur (aka coffee snob) then that is a very different requirement.


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      Hello w000etc,

      I reckon you start by placing the horse ahead of the cart.

      Enrol yourself in a beginner coffee course at a good training venue and then you will answer your question- which is actually whether to start at all!