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are the older Macap M series grinders any good ?

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  • are the older Macap M series grinders any good ?

    I found one for sale locally, I currently have a baratza vario, less than please with it. very clumpy and inconsistent grinds. Here is a link to the ad : Commercial link removed per Site Posting Policy wondering if parts are still available and whether it's worth getting. Hard to find info on it.
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    Welcome mate...

    Macap grinders are one of the top echelon units around on the market today and can be expected to run pretty well trouble free for many, many years with a minimum of user input re: care and maintenance. Really, the only parts you are likely to need after you've ground your way through 400-500Kg of coffee, will be the burr-set and these are likely to continue to be available for as long as the grinder lives...



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      I had an M4 - great grinder [emoji3]