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  • Mazzer Mini E (Type A) tips

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone have any tips for eliminating clumping? I'm getting tired of using a toothpick to break up clumps in the grinds every shot to avoid channeling, it would be great if there was an easier way. I've read in other forums (US), that the grinder has a break-in period, is this real? I've ground over 200 shots with the grinder yet still getting clumping that has the power to destroy a shot.

    Any suggestions that don't involve using the toothpick and yogurt cup would be appreciated, also, does everyone else with this grinder get clumping? I love the grinder, in spite of it being a little bit slow and producing clumps with the finer grind settings, it's robust and looks great on my bench!



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    Have you removed the grid on the exit chute? It's there to minimise clumping and static. I tried running without it for a while, but put it back as the static was spreading grounds everywhere.



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      Grinding slow and clumping sounds like you're grinding too fine...and potentially darker/oily roast.


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        Hi Guys,

        Beans being used are medium roast, tried various roasts to no avail - I haven't removed the mesh or done any mods. I can avoid the clumping by coarsening the grind which also speeds up the dosing however I can't get the shots I want and enjoy using that grind setting! I guess I will just stick to using my toothpick to distribute grinds in the portafilter and hope that it gets better as the grinder ages!



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          Keen to bump this thread - seeing some clumping in my mini E - a good 900 shots in. Not super fine grind or dark beans....still consistent small lumps unfortunately.

          Have read of people taking off screens and putting in SJ burrs.....that seems a little extreme. Any other thoughts?