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The Right Hand Rule (debunked)

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  • The Right Hand Rule (debunked)

    If torque is a counter product of rotation direction then a right turning spindle should have a bolt that tightens anti-clockwise, right?

    Not necessarily. Take a Mazzer Robur E (or no E). You know something about applied physics - the Robur grinds clockwise; the regulation ring fines anti-clockwise. If torque is applied anti-clockwise the Robur has an anti-clockwise pre-load for the bolt that secures the conical cutter. Right?

    No. It should but it has a key and a keyway in the spindle shaft. It doesn't matter which way the bolt pre-loads. No physics involved. From a tech standpoint anyway.

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    The Right Hand Rule (debunked)

    Brought to you by Sprezza "take a deep breath and smile they're watching you with a dubious expression on their face" tura.