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Grinder upgrade (EM0450)

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  • Grinder upgrade (EM0450)

    Hi everyone,

    Haven't posted before, but have learned heaps from the forums in the past so I know the community's advice has been excellent.

    I have an EM6910 with the EM0450 grinder as my first setup, and it's been great for the last 3 years or so, but I'm keen to start upgrading, and think the grinder is the better place to start.

    Budget is still an issue and it's only making 1 cup a day on average, so it doesn't need to be fancy, just looking at something that will make a quality upgrade.

    I've been having a hard look at the K3 push. Would this be a significant enough upgrade? I'd keep the EM0450 for filter grinding so I don't have to flick back and forth with grinder settings..

    Any advice is appreciated! (I'm in Sydney if you want to point me at any site sponsors)


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    Grinder upgrade (EM0450)

    Welcome Scott.
    There are plenty of great grinders.
    My most popular are the Macap M2M, Macap M4D, Quamar Q50P and Quamar Q50E. Compak K3 trails these. The new Compak E5 is popular but that's up a few $.
    All are well built and give great results. In the end aesthetics and personal preferences play a big role in the decision process.
    I hope that helps - a little


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      G'day Scott. I have a Compak K8 and it's awesome so I can vouch for the brand but not the K3 itself. By all accounts its a solid if slightly underwhelming grinder. There are some great site sponsors in Sydney, it just depends what area you're in. Jet Black are on the Northern Beaches, Coffee Parts are near the airport and Di Bartoli are in the Eastern Suburbs. I'd recommend visiting at least one of them so that you can see and even try a few different options in person.


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        Thanks Leroy! Paul's suggestion of the Quamar Q50P is intriguing, so I might try and make a trip to Jet Black (I think they're my closest) and see some grinders for myself.


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          I've used a K3P that lived in the kitchen at an office I was working in; it was fine and definitely a huge upgrade over the Sunbeam (which was my home grinder at the time) in terms of grind quality, and to a lesser extent mess. I almost bought one while I still had the EM6910, and would definitely consider it if looking in that price range.


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            Thanks Magic_Matt! Useful feedback. What did you upgrade to from the EM6910?


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              Hi Scott
              If you head out to Jetblack, check out the Eureka Mignon as well. I have owned one for a little over two years now and use it with a Profitec Pro 500. It doesn't get mentioned much on this site, but I find it to be a very solid performer and I wont be upgrading from it any time soon. Don't know how it compares to the more popular Compak, so would be interested on hearing your thoughts if you do have a look at it.
              Good luck with your purchase, you will be spoilt with choice at any of the site sponsers.


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                Thanks Mal, I'll let you know how I go.


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                  I had the same Sunbeam combo and found the grinder quite inconsistent. No sooner had you got one decent cup out of it - the next had no relation to it. Got a Breville SmartGrinder when it came up on special (well under $200) and it's far better and not very expensive.