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  • Compak PKR

    Dose by weight and zero retention. 100mm planar burr.

    I reckon there will be a heap of EK43 grinders going cheap...

    This one's going straight to the demo bench as soon as I can get our hands on one.

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    Overkill for home use or just right?


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      Originally posted by trentski View Post
      Overkill for home use or just right?
      Probably just right for those who stress out over 20c of beans


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        Grind by weight, high quality quick output and close to zero retention is very attractive. M7D is amazing, but the more I use it the more I see that even after wasting the first shot of the day on a milk based drink, that shot 3 is better than shot 2 and shot 4 better than 3 if made in a short timeframe, ie it really does dish up older grinds if given the opportunity which leads to a less yummy outcome. I knew going in that it was better suited to a cafe than home so no regrets, but I am left with a lingering thought that with the current setup and a hopper loaded with beans my best shots in the morning come after going through 40-60 grams of beans first. Not having this to deal with would be a pleasant luxury.


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          Maybe you're using the first 3 shots to get in the zone and the 4th is the result of 3 good practice shots


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            Very excited for this.

            Apparently there is a smaller version too? 80mm burrs?


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              Would shave off half my time messing about with the Kony retention, any indications on the price range Chris?


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                Originally posted by evro50 View Post
                any indications on the price range Chris?
                No idea evro.... One can only assume that it's north of the E8...

                Guesstimate? Somewhere in the EK vicinity for the 100mm version ($4ish k?) and perhaps $3ish k for the 80mm version? Total guess though so I may have missed the dartboard completely. I like the sound of the air purge, but I'm a conical fan, so I think my Kony-E is probably safe unless they do a conical variant.


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                  Love my Kony-E...



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                    Looks very nice.
                    With this in the high end, and the sette 270w, perhaps a great lower end product, grinding by weight, with no retention Looks to be becoming much easier in the near future.

                    Maybe this year is the year of the grinder.


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                      Any updates on this one Chris?



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                        Does the grinder remind anyone else of Wall-E robot ? :-)

                        When are Compak going to show us this range of grinders. Magic them here please :-)
                        On-Demand - PKF8/PKE8 & PKR-100.. ��.. • Cold Grinding & Low Speed RPM
                        • Grounds Distribution & Clump Remedy
                        • Dose by Weight • Particle Size Distribution
                        And the list keeps going.


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                          Yep I am interested to hear more about this one too.


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                            Some sort of mash up of E series doserless grinders + retail bulk grinder... integrated air system to clean out the burrs aiming for zero grind retention.

                            More video of Compak teasing in Dublin with what looks to be PKF-8 with a few grabs of PKR-100 here (June 2016)

                            Video of PKR-100 sitting on a bench from 2:02 @HOST2015 here...
                            got to get some of that air bladder action

                            While you're looking at grinders, have a look at Compak R120 retail grinder Compak | Professional Coffee Grinders | R120

                            World of Coffee expo in Dublin 2016


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                              So many new things so little money